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I had made a small mistake with the gcc-11.1-rc1 binaries and had to rebuild them all, and reupload a later snapshot.

Upload is about to finish any minute now, and but the 11.1.0 release is now there, so I can rebuild once more.

If anyone wants to test the binaries, please let me know how it goes, I can wait a few more days before building them again so I don't have to do it a fourth time.

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I've updated the cross compilers on, gcc-10.3 and gcc-11.1-rc1 builds for all supported kernel targets other than hexagon are now available to run on x86_64, arm64 and ppc64le.

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Awesome. Refund of pre-installed Windows: Lenovo must pay 20,000 euros in damages for abusive behaviour in denying to refund the price of a pre-installed MS-Windows licence


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i saw NASA landed Perseverance on mars and all I can think if is:

this is the most elaborate Battlebots setup ever

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For a presentation, looked up when various programming languages first appeared.

Rust: 2010 (1.0 2015)
Go: 2009
C#: 2000
PHP: 1995
Java: 1995
Python: 1991
Haskell: 1990
Perl: 1987
C: 1972
Lisp: 1958
Fortran: 1957
Plankalkül: 1948

All but one of those are still in active use.

My wife and I both made it onto the Hacker News front page on the same day. The one she works on is the actual important news this time.

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The Kconfig help texts are like a museum of computing history.

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[$] Old compilers and old bugs

The kernel project goes out of its way to facilitate building with older
toolchains. Building a kernel on a new system can be enough of a challenge
as it is; being being forced to install a custom toolchain first would not
improve the situation. So the kernel
developers try to keep it possible to build the kernel with the toolchains
shipped by most distributors. There are costs to this policy t


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arnd boosted says that commit 2f3fbfdaf77f ("Merge tag 'arm-dt-5.9' of git://")
is what took the kernel to over 1,000,000 commits.

Since I sent that pull request, I object to the following step of picking the specific winner as one that is not in this branch.

Instead, how about this one:

git log --oneline 2f3fbfdaf77f^2 | head -n 533 | tail -n 1
901c865340f8 ARM: tegra: Remove simple clocks bus

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I just finished building gcc-10.1 cross compilers for all the major architectures supported by the Linux kernel, and uploaded them to the usual location at
These should run on any x86_64/ppc64le/arm64 host and build all recent kernels, though they still produce some known compiler warnings.

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