@fribbledom no RAID on any of those disks. Oh, and I’ve lost access to external office so need to replace the monthlies with something else. Considering cloud for that

@fribbledom one drive in NAS serves as “archive”, another serves as backup. Daily backups of one to the other. Monthly clone of backup drive to external that lived at work office the rest of the time. Two externals that alternate.

The Linux kernel’s development practises are over-emphasised by its advocates. There are far more projects they don’t use it than do

But the bike shedder in me is screaming to create a “vimwiki lite” with 90% of it removed

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Just hit another bunch of bad rebinds

One can, at least, remove all their binds with one config tweak

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@fraggle @LionsPhil that’s a really interesting yard stick because I agree it’s probably appropriate in C/C++ but you’d probably want the opposite rule for FP

VimWiki is a very useful plugin. but it's SO invasive OOTB

IMHO plugins shouldn't default bind leader mappings

nor should they default bind over well established existing binds (<Enter>,<Del>)

and some other defaults like URI display truncation are ... not good defaults

@kensanata this is in stark contrast to another toot I saw a minute ago, but that *might* have been a shitpost.

Count me in team Apt

Workload is mostly building containers over and over, but I’m hoping to move to JVM engineering too

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I haven’t bought or specced a desktop PC in over a decade

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For the same approx price, are there significant performance gains to go to a desktop? Not sure whether threadripper is in scope or not

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Something like the P series. Or I could try and spec an actual desktop, but that is a lot more admin

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So I’m considering getting a performance model instead. Lockdown isn’t going to end for me for a long time

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But during lockdown my ultralight is a low performance desktop, never leaving my study.

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My work laptop refresh is due. Normally I choose ultralights, like the thinkpad x1c, and work on the train, around and about, etc

Inspired by @zhenech and @zekjur, here's a study/desk shot that I'll blog sometime later

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