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Google memories (4/x) 

but if you're working-class, something in the atmosphere nagged at you. my (then) wife felt it, too. the way everybody acted so high and showy, the expensive barbecue outings, the invisibility of the cleaning ladies, the second-class status of "contractors, temps, and part-timers". nobody gave a second thought to the fact that our weekly TGIF parties meant shorter Fridays for us but longer Fridays to the women doing our dishes.

Can anyone recommend any mastodon instances or people to follow for: FP, Haskell etc related stuff?

Someone on Reddit pointed out there’s always unsafePerformIO

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I’m now fairly sure this is impossible. I must bow down and accept Q into my heart

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λ> runQ [| \p q x -> p x && q x |]
LamE [VarP p_0,VarP q_1,VarP x_2] (InfixE (Just (AppE (VarE p_0) (VarE x_2))) (VarE GHC.Classes.&&) (Just (AppE (VarE q_1) (VarE x_2))))

λ> :t runQ [| \p q x -> p x && q x |]
runQ [| \p q x -> p x && q x |]
:: Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax.Quasi m => m Exp

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Could this be improved using template haskell quasi-quotes/splices/etc without changing the type?

predFuse :: Exp -> Exp -> Exp
predFuse p' q' = let
x = mkName "x"
p = mkName "p"
q = mkName "q"
l = LamE [VarP p,VarP q,VarP x] (InfixE (Just (AppE (VarE p) (VarE x))) (VarE '(&&)) (Just (AppE (VarE q) (VarE x))))
in AppE (AppE l p') q'

Is it possible to make Libreoffice Calc’s splits behave like Google Sheets?

in a worrying sign as to the lack of Template Haskell search-engine juice, my blog post is now #5 on Bing for "template haskell"

A sleep and a shower and I think I have figured this out.

I might have to thank Mira showers in my thesis

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If I wanted to generate code, easy: $(...). But pretty printing expressions to strings and escaping Q? More difficult

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The first part is easy: [| foo |] gets me Q Exp. and within Q I can do whether I want with Exp. but getting out of Q is tough

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I want to permit the user to write Haskell but then do stuff with the parsed expression tree and write it out to files

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#Debian #NextCloud users:

I'm considering using this package for my NextCloud install:

Any feedback/experience?

(Boosts welcome/hoped for.)

classic computer (Amiga etc) beige as a web site background colour. Yay or nay?

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