Cool band name: Shadow byte legend
Origin: ASAN error report

developers working on block layer or networking are the true masters of spelling of queue

Linus merging pull requests faster than vger delivering the pull request mails.

In a sense I like when there's a new linux release out, old branches can be deleted, new rebased. Writing various post-release notes gives a good perspective of achievements, compared to the daily apply & compile & test loop.

WARN_ON me once shame on you, WARN_ON me twice ... that's why we have WARN_ON_ONCE

creating a branch from in-development patchsets and then trying to run it is like an invitaion for a fireworks show

searching for "linux kernel" on twitch finds a channel with description "A cooperative text-based horror game" ... I don't disagree

achievement unlocked: theregister mentioned me

some good soul found a way to revert the stupid firefox url selection behaviour, thanks!

hear that? that's the silence when is down

I think @monsieuricon already regrests providing a tool (b4) to make kernel devlopers' lives easier (mail -> patch management). a gift that never stops taking

out of all events left, FIDE candidates still going on. my fav is alexander "I want the less comfortable chair" grischuk

google should rebrand the conference to -EIO

All the spam with 'attendees list for conference' in 2020 is going to be uninterestingly short

[AI voice assistant] Good morning David, you have 3 new emails from Linus. Your coffee is ready and I've grabbed my virtual popcorn. Have a nice day.

sorry for the Life of Brian reference, but Linus' 5.6-rc1 mail is like the "Yes we are all individuals" scene . 1400 individuals contributing to this dev cycle

oh the joys of release management. you want to get a solid release out and the developers keep sending urgent fixes. I humbly predict 5.5-rc8, there's just too many patches I would be comfortable with, but again I'm guilty of sending last minute fixes

I like users who report a bug and are able & willing to compile test kernels

mixed feelings about BLAKE3, excited that something significantly faster than current strong hashes exists, but in a few weeks btrfs is going to get BLAKE2 support

having to deal with memory barriers in code right after the EOY break is a very cheerful event for all involved. really.

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