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If you are registering on this instance, please read instructions and provide links proving your involvement with Linux (LKML, git commits, etc). Otherwise I'll reject your request.

When life gives you lemons, make sure they are genuine Vault-Tec (TM) lemons.

In my mind, this is the only way Fedora's GitLab decision makes any sense.

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Hello, random online shop from where I ordered something 3 years ago. I really don't care to know about your COVID-19 continuity plans.

Disheartening that US's epidemic response is managed by the same guy who drew a sharpie boob on a tornado map in a sad attempt to make reality fit his needs.

I did some work to make patch attestation for email-based workflows a possibility:

I would be happy if more people trialled it out.

Хороший президент это как хороший чай: после двух заварок пора менять.

So, Trudeau probably has ncov-19.

It would be some weird karmic twist if both Trump and Pence get the virus and Nancy Pelosi gets to assume presidential duties for a few weeks.

President Putin wants to amend the Russian constitution to state that marriage is between one man and one woman. This amendment is largely meaningless because it does not define what is a "man" and what is a "woman."

I've been working on a proposal to introduce cryptographic attestation for email-based patch workflows. If that topic is of interest to you, please read more here:

EV producers should be providing battery production costs for each vehicle and government reimbursement incentives should be based on that, not on the cost of the entire vehicle.

I left Lisbon in my weather app by accident, and it has been a source of wistful happiness this winter.

Что общего между Александром Дюма старшим и Александром Сергеевичем Пушкиным? Оба имели африканские корни в третьем поколении.

I'm excited to participate in the Radicle Working Group, which aims at developing a protocol for efficient and decentralized software collaboration.

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