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If you are registering on this instance, please read instructions and provide links proving your involvement with Linux (LKML, git commits, etc). Otherwise I'll reject your request.

Лучшая история дня на это пересказ полностью выдуманной расистской пропаганды. Отписываюсь навсегда.

Currently busy replicating 20,000 repositories to a server in China. This ain't as easy as it sounds, and it doesn't even sound that easy to begin with.

Как человек с двойным гражданством, я рад, что наконец-то и с российской и с канадской стороны у меня теперь есть и премьер-министр и пожизненный монарх.

Я помню ДДТ еще по 90-м. Рад, что они все еще бьют на поражение.

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is the general shape of your genitals?

(Paraphrasing most government forms that ask your name, job, and gender.)

If I can't use a web browser to attend it, then it's not a "webinar".

Increasingly, I am unable to see any difference between bitcoins and the stock market. The value of both appears to be driven by HODL gang mentality.

BLM artwork 

Trying a totally different style with ink pen. Still Apple pencil in Sketchpad, but not "pencil and eraser" tools. Not too bad for a first try, but outlines work totally different with a hard edge ink pen, so will need a lot of further work to get better.

Если вас коробит, когда вы читаете новости о переименовании master/slave терминологии, то представьте, что они называются fuhrer/arbeiter и проникнитесь пониманием к проблеме.

социальная сеть: denial of совесть ботнет

We've been watching "Brooklyn 99" and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed certain cast parallels with Deep Space Nine.

Got Fedora Silverblue 32 on my main laptop. It's overlayfs turtles all the way down.

How do y'all play RDR2 without startin' to talk like Arthur Morgan?

The worst part of being on the wait list for a Tesla Model Y is Elon Musk. The only reason I'm still on that list is because every other major EV manufacturer is not any better.

However, I'm keeping an eye on that Polestar 2. I swear, if Elon keeps up with this shit, I'll be cancelling my pre-order.

Russia's official coronavirus death toll is many times lower compared to many countries in Western Europe. I wonder how much of it is due to the population most vulnerable to the virus being already dead from other causes.

I mean, easily a third of all cases in the US are from deaths in nursing homes -- mostly elderly men. Life expectancy for men in Russia is still 65 (a decade ago it was 58). I know there's probably number fudging going on, but it doesn't explain such huge discrepancy.

The Russian word for the grocery store is "gastronom" -- which in English sounds like an ill-advised snack with bad consequences.

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