Russia's official coronavirus death toll is many times lower compared to many countries in Western Europe. I wonder how much of it is due to the population most vulnerable to the virus being already dead from other causes.

I mean, easily a third of all cases in the US are from deaths in nursing homes -- mostly elderly men. Life expectancy for men in Russia is still 65 (a decade ago it was 58). I know there's probably number fudging going on, but it doesn't explain such huge discrepancy.

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There have been rumours that a good chunk of their deaths have been officially listed as a more generic "respiratory illness", so seeing if that category has spiked would be a good starting point.

@Nezchan I don't think that entirely explains it. A significant spike in deaths would be hard to hide in Russia (everyone's a whistleblower these days, it seems), so I expect that, in fact, the numbers are much lower than in other countries.

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