Granting a fetus personhood status would allow the carrier to claim self-defense, no?

@monsieuricon I like the approach - could you elaborate this argument a little bit further?

If a person threatens your well-being and refuses to leave, you are allowed to use sanctioned law enforcement to forcefully remove them from your property.

If you believe your life is in danger, you are allowed to use lethal force to defend yourself.

Planned Parenthood should become a branch of state police, which would additionally grant them qualified immunity.

Or they could call themselves a militia group and claim second amendment rights.

@monsieuricon I like this argument for its creativity :) however, there is usually a proportionality test in the right to self-defense and the threat also needs to be real and not just be imagined..

@monsieuricon, isn't this person technically being invited to stay up to 9th months?

Also, tenants are not supposed to be killed during the eviction.

So if there is no danger, then it'll be hard to justify.


@dump_stack @monsieuricon I think this example extends to cases where you have not "consented" for the "tenant" to stay - to stay in your analogy.

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