Canadian politics: "radical crazies don't belong in our party of moderates. If people want to vote for the crazies, they are welcome to vote for one of those fringe parties."

US politics: "we cannot win if we don't pander to the crazies."

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@monsieuricon That's because in the US, the crazies are the majority.

@mansr this is not true -- they are just the most visible minority, amplified by the president-unelect.

@monsieuricon There is the added complication that there is a lot of "talking in code" or misrepresentation, by the news networks and politicians, so that while "the crazies" (on both sides) know that some of them are saying what they want, the little old drunken lady talking loudly behind me at the restaurant has a completely different idea, but supports the same people, and often with the same rhetoric. Really, it's fascinating.

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