I'm happy to see the large exodus from Twitter to the Fediverse, however I'm not sure it's going to solve the problem of censorship. Blocking individual Mastodon hosts will be easier than Twitter, not harder.

I'm hoping SSB and will manage to provide the correct solution for fighting censorship online.

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@monsieuricon All of the online forums that I frequent have very strict codes of conduct, or very interventionist moderators that don't hesitate to ban people from the platform when they deem it necessary. The problem with Twitter/FB is not censorship, it's centralization.

@mattrose centralization = censorship; in my particular post I was referring to Russian government deliberately DoS'ing twitter on its territory for refusing to censor posts that it demands to be removed.

@mattrose Mastodon won't help in this situation despite its decentralized nature. In fact, blocking entire instances on a country level will be much easier than with centralized resources like Twitter.

@monsieuricon Does federation help here? For instance, I'm reading this on fosstodon, and you're posting it on, so even if is blocked for me, I should be able to read it. Probably not, but it should be much easier to implement than with twitter. How is blocking a centralized resource easier than with a federated one?

@mattrose No, the way Russian Govt (RKN) blocks work, every accredited provider operating in Russia is supposed to block specific IPs or domain lookups for any traffic flowing through their equipment. Blocking Twitter is harder than blocking a fediverse site because a large company can raise publicity stink and there will be negative push-back from the populace. Blocking small independent instances will do neither of those things.

@monsieuricon We need a term that differentiates state censorship from the censorship that we all practice in our day-to-day lives. It would reduce confusion. The latter is necessary for our mental health and for the functioning of society, the former is abhorrent, but they use the same word.

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