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Если мы сейчас промолчим, наступит самое темное время для свободных людей. Россия погрузится в полный мрак. Мирная политическая деятельность в России станет невозможной.


Wikipedia entry for "Linux Kernel" in 2030: "the kernel is a thin hypervizor layer for the Linux Rust and BPF runtimes"

@mcepl well, if you're using Gmail via imap/smtp, then I don't think you'd care very much, but the web interface is much more friendly to developers (properly threading patches, not breaking threads on subject renames, etc).

@zloygik Не тыкайте на это, вас ждёт подстава!

If you need a mailbox for patch-based development work, please consider fastmail before you consider gmail.

Бостон в Ф4 вроде не маленький. Или все равно не в сравнение?

Submitted a CFP to the 2021 Kernel Plumbers conference titled "Doing more with lore and b4".

Silly title, serious talk! :)

I bloody hope to be able to go to Dublin (куда, блин? To Dublin!), but we'll see how international travel from Canada is by September.

I've decided that my title should be officially changed to "keeper of keys and grounds" because I am literally that.

Just like cops are required to say "anything you say can be used against you in the court of law", any communication platform without end-to-end encryption should permanently display a similar warning: "all information collected about you on this platform can be used against you by criminals and law enforcement."

uspol, drugs 

Especially since it's been demonstrated time and again that legalization does not lead to increased use.

My Arthur Morgan is the nicest guy around (in-between schizoid episodes where he randomly murders half of a random settlement).

"He is risen" takes on totally different connotations when you recall that it's a day named after a certain ancient sex goddess.

@mattrose that's exactly the problem I want to highlight, though. Parts of project history die out as it migrates between forges. It can be seen as getting rid of irrelevant old junk, but to me it has the same effect as squashing old git history -- it's a lossy and irreversible operation.

@mattrose Git repository is just the final product. If they start using GH issues, code review, etc -- then it will effectively make the project locked-in inside GH and will make the cost of migrating out very high.

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