Pondering sunsetting this masto instance -- I think the concept didn't take off and it's a bit expensive to keep it up just for myself, at least in its current incarnation as a hosted service. I'll look into what it takes to run it off my raspberry pi or something.

It's only a problem while you're learning it because you have to think about it. Speaking is more like markov-chaining one familiar set phrase to another, so your brain actually manages to properly pick the right genitals for la maison even of it's gender-flipped from the Russian дом.

I use Hermit extensively for most apps like that. It's not fantastic, but it's better than any other alternative I've found.

В четвертом они практически религиозные фанатики мало чем отличающиеся от детей атома. Было несколько тошно за них играть и когда проходил второй и третий разы, вообще на Придвин не заходил.

Как раз самое то для Западной Виргинии. :)

Fallout: Breath of the Wild (more commonly known as Horizon: Zero Dawn).

We're not looking for a forge solution. We're looking to make it possible to incorporate existing popular environments into the development process.


Isn't that literally a copy from "ein Reich ein Volk"?

As someone said, two kids is ten times harder than one; while three kids is only slightly harder than two.

@penguin42 sure, this will work for that, too, but those are trickier to hook in, since nobody uses git-send-email to send follow-up sign-offs.

B4 will already check DKIM on the follow-ups, and I think for most purposes that is good enough.

@mariusor I'm that good!

(actually, I simply edited the asciicast file to remove the keystrokes where I misspell things and fix them.)

I mean... It's crazy fast, but it's not impossible. MLB pitchers regularly get above 100 MPH on fastballs.

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