A real conversation in our house.

"Hey, dad, can you make some kbaca?"
"Sure thing, son."

You'll also get an annoying "Activate your PipOS" overlay every time you upgrade your power armor.

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I guess it would be called a "green screen of death" on a pip-boy.

Suddenly, I have an urge to upgrade all systems to TLS 1.3 with ESNI.

Ту, в которой Ворф рассказывает, как его усыновила семья Роженко из славного города Бобруйск. :)

Tiktok and Oracle deal is one of those "explain this to your 2019 self" memes to me. Oracle is where projects go to die to get reincarnated as the worst kind of brain-consuming zombies.

It's both funny and macabre. I know I've had my share of surprised double-takes when a microbrewery bottle said something about Asbestos on it. Tasty beer, terrible thing to have on your product label.


@sir It's a fun read if you are into anglo-saxon unipolar fantasy with little room for good vs. bad nuance.

baseless fear mongering 

It all depends on the size of the steeple.

baseless fear mongering 

If somebody really wanted to fuck things up right now, they would use Novichok on Biden.

What stupid thoughts enter my head first thing in the morning.

As a way of having a good time in a company of good friends, both poker and baseball are fun. As a spectator sport, both consist of watching people get paid for not doing much of anything at all.

Yeah, it's the same difference as playing poker and watching people play poker.

The most proper reaction to Oracle buying Tiktok is "IDK, LOL!"

Still a dull game to watch if you're not participating. But then I feel the same way about most sports.

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Baseball as a fun pastime for a group of buddies is underrated. I say this as someone who didn't grow up playing baseball, but who enjoys it now.

Я так думаю, что задумывалось как несколько утрированное:

Cardassians = Soviets
Bajorans = Eastern Europe

Но это мало интересовало американских зрителей, поэтому во втором сезоне добавили Dominion.

global politics 

I wouldn't say that. Climate change is unpredictable and warm Siberian summers are the worst due to absolute glut of mosquitoes, black flies, and horse flies, plus abundant peat and forest fires.

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