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As usual, Apple is dead on Christmas morning due to all the people opening their presents and getting their new gadgets set up.

The most exciting thing you could do for us during this giving season, is tell your friends (3 of them) about our work. We would be ever so grateful!

If you are registering on this instance, please read instructions and provide links proving your involvement with Linux (LKML, git commits, etc). Otherwise I'll reject your request.

The demise of nation states is going to be neither quick nor pretty.

A routing/router issue in our PDX provider is affecting developer services (mail, git master, bugzilla, patchwork).

Хочу написать фантастический рассказ в котором фигурирует марсианское поселение Хобар Мокба. Оно было изначально русской колонией, но было полностью опустошено каким-нибудь катаклизмом. Для новоприбывших же поселенцев вывеска "НОВАЯ МОСКВА" не имело того же смысла...

Wow. Just wow.

(And yes, every remote image contains tracking info.)

Many conference vendor booths can be generally summarised as "Throwing Money at the Problem As A Service."

I've been running my non-work Firefox instance with AdNauseam and TrackMeNot for a few weeks now. The first does a decent job of hiding ads from view but pretending to actually click them, and the second one runs a constant stream of fake google queries based on terms obtained from popular RSS feed titles in order to muddy up my google "interests profile."

Not sure if this is having any impact at all, but it makes me cackle maniacally.

Professional disease of infosec personnel: RFI (Repetitive Facepalm Injury).

Total Elasticsearch Servers Open To Public: 299,540
Total Open Elasticsearch Servers With Data: 57,296
Total Size Of Publicly Accessible Data: 462 TB
Total Document Count Of Publicly Accessible Data: 621,362,063,812

Huh? He who?

(This was Google Voice trying to transcribe a spam robocall in Chinese.)

You have to admire the optimism of someone who finds a bug report from 2012 with no comments on it and adds "still not working on the latest version of the kernel, please fix."

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