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Picard spoilers 

Also, pretty sure that power armor suits are secretly mining cryptocoins, because nothing else explains how a fusion core that powered an entire building for 200 years (and is somehow still at 100% charge) runs out after 30 minutes of casual walking.

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I took some time off after the xmas break, since I ended up working through most of it. I'd like to claim that I spent it by doing something important, but I mostly played way too much Fallout 4, though I didn't finish the main quest (great game mechanics, really terrible writers). Back to the grind now, so expect to see more updates as I slog through my inbox.

160 hours into Fallout 4. The storyline is 100% weird and confusing at this point. I don't have any idea who the bad guys are -- I just shoot whoever shows up in red.

I was on-call and working through much of the holiday break -- the end-result is that I'm having a hard time motivating myself to be productive on the post-holiday downturn curve. I think I'll book a week off in the near future to take a breather.

Happy new year from this beautiful fluffster enjoying all the fresh snow that fell today.

This is how my kid plays Minecraft. You can barely see the scenery behind all the HUD info.

Unfortunately, I'm one of these people, as I'm replacing my kids' old Pixel 1 phones (that won't receive any more security updates) with iPod Touches. I've been trying to set up their accounts for the past few hours, discovering all sorts of weird errors.

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As usual, Apple is dead on Christmas morning due to all the people opening their presents and getting their new gadgets set up.

The most exciting thing you could do for us during this giving season, is tell your friends (3 of them) about our work. We would be ever so grateful!

If you are registering on this instance, please read instructions and provide links proving your involvement with Linux (LKML, git commits, etc). Otherwise I'll reject your request.

The demise of nation states is going to be neither quick nor pretty.

A routing/router issue in our PDX provider is affecting developer services (mail, git master, bugzilla, patchwork).

Хочу написать фантастический рассказ в котором фигурирует марсианское поселение Хобар Мокба. Оно было изначально русской колонией, но было полностью опустошено каким-нибудь катаклизмом. Для новоприбывших же поселенцев вывеска "НОВАЯ МОСКВА" не имело того же смысла...

Wow. Just wow.

(And yes, every remote image contains tracking info.)

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