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The Russian word for the grocery store is "gastronom" -- which in English sounds like an ill-advised snack with bad consequences.

Also note, that unless you're using a certain subset of cryptocurrencies, your transactions are neither untraceable nor anonymous, so you shouldn't expect them to be invisible to taxation or law enforcement authorities.

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Proper way to use cryptocurrency: global transactions that are relatively cheap, fast, and not dependent on approval by central government oversight bodies

Wrong way to use cryptocurrency: any other way, especially as investment assets

mathematicians: "haha, look at this -- based on what we know about math right now, there's no way to make certain operations easily reversible."
computer nerds: "cool, we can use this to encrypt data in transit."
mathematicians: "nice. Though don't bet on it always being hard. I mean, we solve hard problems all the time, haha."
cryptocoin nerds: "In fact, we're going to bet trillions of dollars on it remaining hard forever."

I watched the Unreal Engine 5 demo and by this point it's safe to assume that porn actors will be losing their jobs soon.

I think it's a mistake to make them entirely transparent. The opaque area should begin around mid-face and extend down, because otherwise you'll be parading your sneezes and spittle to everyone with whom you interact. Perhaps a removable cloth insert.

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I look forward to these being acceptable everyday wear, and I also look forward to when we can control the shield's transparency and the patterns displayed on the outside.

Unfortunately, the current epidemic will undo all progress in promoting public transit use in North American cities. We're back to cars being the only acceptable way for people to get around.

I cannot tell Pavel Durov and Jared Kushner apart on photos.

Coronavirus "reopening" translated: nothing has really changed since the lockdown started, but at least now you're less likely to die forgotten in some hospital hallway.

As a proud member of the Railroad, I look forward to helping X Æ A-12 escape the Institute and start a new life outside of the Commonwealth.

Current async up/down setup provided by most last-mile internet providers is poorly suited to support a work-from-home workforce. A 10 mbps up/100 mbps down package can work for a single person, but for a family where multiple people may need to be on a video call this will be a miserable experience for all involved.

If we are going to insist that people continue to work from home, we need to lobby internet providers to provide support for burstable upload speeds during business hours.

The same people who insist that EVs are unsafe because li-ion batteries can catch fire and explode seem to have no problem inserting airpods into their ears.

There are way too many phone apps that use a white squiggle on a red background for their app icon.

The entire Trump presidency is exactly like a Tide Pod Challenge: 1) you regret it immediately after you pop it in; 2) you try to make yourself throw up, but you can't; 3) your whole body is on the bends while it makes its way through your system; 4) everyone around you just thinks you're a complete idiot for doing it in the first place.

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> It will help me a lot in my carrier if Mr. Linus Torvalds will spend his valuable time to answer to my Q&A Interview.

I'll take "wrong ways to ask for an interview with Mr. Linus Torvalds" for $100, Alex.

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