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I guess it would be called a "green screen of death" on a pip-boy.

Suddenly, I have an urge to upgrade all systems to TLS 1.3 with ESNI.

Tiktok and Oracle deal is one of those "explain this to your 2019 self" memes to me. Oracle is where projects go to die to get reincarnated as the worst kind of brain-consuming zombies.

It's both funny and macabre. I know I've had my share of surprised double-takes when a microbrewery bottle said something about Asbestos on it. Tasty beer, terrible thing to have on your product label.

baseless fear mongering 

If somebody really wanted to fuck things up right now, they would use Novichok on Biden.

What stupid thoughts enter my head first thing in the morning.

The most proper reaction to Oracle buying Tiktok is "IDK, LOL!"

Still a dull game to watch if you're not participating. But then I feel the same way about most sports.

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Baseball as a fun pastime for a group of buddies is underrated. I say this as someone who didn't grow up playing baseball, but who enjoys it now.

Я был приглашенным гостем на подкаст -- обсуждали такие темы как: почему вся разработка по прежнему через емайл, изменится ли это в будущем, и зачем менять "мастер и слейв".

During my first Red Dead Online mission I got simultaneously attacked by a gang of O'Driscolls and a pack of wolves.

Highly unlikely, Susan.

It seems that airbenders and waterbenders would be dramatically more effective in a fight than earth benders and fire benders, as one can directly explode the enemy's lungs and the other can explode the heart.

Seriously, if your government actively works to destabilise encrypted connections, then don't be shocked that replicating takes a long time.

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Grokmirror 2.0 -- 20% of time spent adding cool features, 80% of time spent making it work for replicating 30,000 repositories to Beijing over totally crap connections.

The same is true for licenses and all other legal texts where ambiguity is not acceptable.

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I remain convinced that all software strings should be in lojban and come bundled with a gettext file for English.

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