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Список персонажей на Эхе Москвы, вызывающих у меня полное отторжение: Белковский, Латынина, Соловей, Альбац. Ройзман периодически граничит тоже, когда сбивается на так присущий ему шовинизм. Шульман всегда хорошо. Невзоров иногда, если не слишком пошлит. Шендерович тоже ничего, если не сильно злобничает. Венедиктова переношу только с пивом. Остальных особенно не слушаю.

Hey, I just wrote this thing.

I keep writing things interesting to 0.0000001% of the internet.

I don't expect you'll get excited about it. :)

For example, Russian federal elections cannot be democratic in principle -- even if they are done according to all constitutional norms -- because to vote in them you must present a federally issued ID (internal passport).

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An ID issued by a different branch of government may be allowed as a requirement (e.g. a state/provincial driver license can be used in federal elections), but only if there are no federally dictated rules for issuance or non-issuance of that ID.

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There should be a constitutional principle stating that "the government may not elect itself." In most practical terms, this would mean that no branch of government may pick its electors or set up selection criteria for the candidates competing to form that branch of government.

This also means that government-issued ID may not be a requirement to elect that same branch of government, as this would be the government electing itself (by refusing to issue ID to electors they don't like).

The time I just spent writing a script to scrape and convert archives into something usable are hours I'll never get back. :(

Subject: [PATCH] blk: optimization for classic polling
Date: Sun, 30 May 2083 09:51:06 +0530

Looks like Linux development is still done via mailed-in patches 63 years in the future.

I wonder what kind of implications it would have if the US Supreme Court ends up having a third of its members be appointed by a convicted felon.

There's a non-zero chance that Trump will flee to Russia if he loses the election. That would be super amusing to watch.

I was chatting with my kid about sources of energy available on Earth for power generation. We narrowed it down to just 4 sources: solar, geothermal, nuclear and tidal (fossil, wind, hydro and anything biological being forms of stored solar energy). I had trouble explaining where the work for tidal power is coming from -- are tidally moved masses of water taking that energy from Earth's rotational energy by slowing it down?

While the energy produced by freestanding graphene is likely to be quite small, it could one day be a replacement for low-power batteries – and it wouldn't need recharging or replacing.

Argh, how is this not a perpetual motion device?

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"The origin of these nanometre-sized ripples is still an open question," the team writes in their study, noting that the graphene ripple seems to stem from subatomic particle interactions in the material.

Fuck yeah it's an open question.

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An energy-harvesting circuit based on graphene could be incorporated into a chip to provide clean, limitless, low-voltage power for small devices or sensors," says physicist Paul Thibado, from the University of Arkansas.

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Between the EM drive and the graphene Brownian motion infinite power device I don't know that's real physics any more.

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