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Судя по последним российским расследованиям, полное имя домашнего эльфа из Гарри Поттера -- Добби Крукшэнкс.


Достаточно живо представляю себе следующий разговор:

— Нам нужен брэндинг для постсоветской авиакомпании, на борт упавшего самолёта повесить.

— Используем что-то явно деривативное от настоящих или отсебятина?

— Да всё равно, главное чтоб более-менее аутентично смотрелось.

I've been feeling under the weather (mild symptoms), so this needed to happen. I won't know the results for a few days, but we'll keep everyone at home until we know for sure one way or another. Don't avoid getting tested -- it's part of the solution.

PSA: Russian Czar Ivan IV wasn't really called "The Terrible" because he was bad at it. It's a very misleading translation of "Grozny." It's only "terrible" in the same sense as one would say "his revenge was swift and terrible." A more appropriate translation would be somewhere between "Formidable" and "Menacing" -- and he truly was both of those things.

uspol 2020 

I'm still hoping that NC will add a tad more blue to that purple shade. Come on, NC.

I may be hung over this morning, but not nearly as much as American democracy.

Maybe instead of dumping all that money into election ads, dump them into teacher bonuses in red states?

Kinda torn tonight. A Trump win would mean more talent moving to Canada, which would benefit us long-term. However, in the short term there would be just a long line of downsides for everyone involved.


If you are eligible to vote in the US elections and haven't yet done so, please vote Biden/Harris today.

Suggestion for a US constitutional amendment: "all Supreme Court justices appointed by a president convicted for felonies committed prior or during their term of office must be reconfirmed by the US Senate."

Meanwhile, in Quebec, "Christ" is literally a swear word.

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