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Canadian politics: "radical crazies don't belong in our party of moderates. If people want to vote for the crazies, they are welcome to vote for one of those fringe parties."

US politics: "we cannot win if we don't pander to the crazies."

I bought this printer specifically because it supported Google Cloud Print and therefore I didn't need to futz with drivers or cross-network access. Thanks for turning that off, Google -- what a great way to remind us that we don't really own anything that has your logo on it.

My first colour drawing exercise from a photo. I learned things as I went along, so there are mistakes and improvements clearly seen to the trained eye. Overall, this was fun and I don't mind trying my hand at more colour work in the future -- but maybe with less fur. :)


Always a nice surprise when a tool you wrote gets a special mention in the LWN 2020 retrospective report. :)

— Алло, прачечная?
— Х*ячечная!


My new account on Twitter lasted all of 3 weeks, as I found out that I got sucked into all the terrible habits that I was trying to break in the first place.

I tried to like Fallout76, but the reality is that it's mostly boring slog with dull missions, uninspired plots and no likeable characters. Go over there. Shoot everything with a red HP bar. Bring back the thingamajig.

It's also possible that, after a year of lockdowns, I'm tired of the "end of the world as we know it" theme in general.


One of the side-effects of what is happening in the US is that now in every country where mass voter fraud actually *does* happen, like Russia, anyone attempting to offer legitimate proof will be jeeringly compared to Trump and his sweaty shit show acolytes.


It's here 🌱

Today we're shipping the first public release of Radicle — a peer-to-peer stack for building software together.

Судя по последним российским расследованиям, полное имя домашнего эльфа из Гарри Поттера -- Добби Крукшэнкс.


Достаточно живо представляю себе следующий разговор:

— Нам нужен брэндинг для постсоветской авиакомпании, на борт упавшего самолёта повесить.

— Используем что-то явно деривативное от настоящих или отсебятина?

— Да всё равно, главное чтоб более-менее аутентично смотрелось.

I've been feeling under the weather (mild symptoms), so this needed to happen. I won't know the results for a few days, but we'll keep everyone at home until we know for sure one way or another. Don't avoid getting tested -- it's part of the solution.

PSA: Russian Czar Ivan IV wasn't really called "The Terrible" because he was bad at it. It's a very misleading translation of "Grozny." It's only "terrible" in the same sense as one would say "his revenge was swift and terrible." A more appropriate translation would be somewhere between "Formidable" and "Menacing" -- and he truly was both of those things.

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I'm still hoping that NC will add a tad more blue to that purple shade. Come on, NC.

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