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Sorry, but you don't contact the Linux implant. If it deems it necessary, the implant will contact you.

You dun' mess with Nana Murder. Maxed out Strength+Brawling+Sneak+Ninja+Cloak-and-Dagger+Bloody Mess perks mean I can punch out a behemoth in one hit if I sneak up on it.

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Back from 2-week vacation today, largely spent playing Fallout 4 as a skinny grandma who punched everyone out with her bare hands.

It was very cathartic.

Весенние акции протеста = «беспутица».

Хотел построить ГДР, а получился опять совок.

ugh, domain name expired today and this threw a gigantic wrench into everyone's mail server that used their blocklists.


У Сарумана тоже была комната для грязи. Он в ней силовые структуры выращивал.

Scheduling meetings with a vague title and no agenda is disrespectful. Knowingly doing it when it's clearly outside of work hours is just rude.

I expect to see a large "Now under new management" sign on the door.

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Берлинский пациент против дрезденского майора.

I totally support Twitter's banning of Trump's account. Yes, I agree that this sets a dangerous precedent, but the correct course of action is to get ourselves to the point where no single private company holds enough power to sway free discourse.


Next week will be bus war -- the GOP and the Trumpists will be throwing each-other under the bus, and it's unclear whose bus is bigger.


Wild prediction: Pence will be sworn in as president tonight.

I see my sarcastic jokes about uspol are poorly timed. I sincerely hope everything settles down soon.

Sorry, everyone.


At which point do we get to the "by Grapthar's hammer" point of this "never give up, never surrender" show coming from the US?

Did I tell you about that time we named our kid <<Name>> (<> among friends).

Eat your heart out, Elon Musk.


McConnell: "we should honor our oath to uphold the constitution and move on with accepting Biden's victory."
Banana republicans: "Traitor!"

Canadian politics: "radical crazies don't belong in our party of moderates. If people want to vote for the crazies, they are welcome to vote for one of those fringe parties."

US politics: "we cannot win if we don't pander to the crazies."

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