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"He is risen" takes on totally different connotations when you recall that it's a day named after a certain ancient sex goddess.

Суд в Ростове-на-Дону запретил горожанам общаться с разумными

Не много уделял времени новостям в последнее время, но насколько я понял, В.В. Столман переназначил себя президентом РФСФ до 2036 года. Может, напутал чего.

PSA: the mgmtspeak word combination "going forward" can be dropped from all sentences with zero change to the meaning.

Пытки вареной колбасой по канадскому закону отменяются

Someone started an open letter in support of Stallman. You can sign it by submitting a pull request on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned proprietary closed-source platform.

This is the finest troll, bravo. Bravo.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to jump off a cliff to see if it will get a legendary pelt unstuck from my horse's ass.

В канадской тюрьме зафиксировали брак двух медведей с портретом Сталина

I'm happy to see the large exodus from Twitter to the Fediverse, however I'm not sure it's going to solve the problem of censorship. Blocking individual Mastodon hosts will be easier than Twitter, not harder.

I'm hoping SSB and will manage to provide the correct solution for fighting censorship online.

Oh my god, would everyone shut up about Megan an Harry. Royalty are human parasites, and I really don't care about their family troubles.

They sure pack a lot of meaning into a single word in Italian. :)

(It does properly translate it from Portuguese, but that's beside the point.)

I turned off 3 large netapps today that served us well for most of 2010-2020. They've been replaced by a single purestorage system (and a bunch of stuff moving otherwise into $cloud).

Rest in peace, you magnificent beasts.

Sorry, but you don't contact the Linux implant. If it deems it necessary, the implant will contact you.

You dun' mess with Nana Murder. Maxed out Strength+Brawling+Sneak+Ninja+Cloak-and-Dagger+Bloody Mess perks mean I can punch out a behemoth in one hit if I sneak up on it.

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Back from 2-week vacation today, largely spent playing Fallout 4 as a skinny grandma who punched everyone out with her bare hands.

It was very cathartic.

Весенние акции протеста = «беспутица».

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