No, it wasn't to that list,
('cause it didn't yet exist.)
But it deserves this small encore,
For it is, truly, Linux lore.

Pondering sunsetting this masto instance -- I think the concept didn't take off and it's a bit expensive to keep it up just for myself, at least in its current incarnation as a hosted service. I'll look into what it takes to run it off my raspberry pi or something.

Fallout: Breath of the Wild (more commonly known as Horizon: Zero Dawn).

A baking show, except it's admins deploying services.

I'm worried that Belarus is going to become the exact analogue of North Korea in Europe, propped up by Russia in the same way NK is propped up by China. It's useful to have a "mad regime" nearby in order to shift the world's attention whenever it becomes too focused on your own transgressions.

So, Lukashenko faked a terrorist attack in order to force the airplane with an opposition figure on board to land in Minsk, where that person was arrested.

This is fucked up beyond words.

I released a patch attestation library today, fittingly called "patatt".

Now I need to incorporate it into b4, which I hope to do on Monday.

Some people: covid is a man-made virus created in a lab!

Mostly the same people: rapid climate change is a natural process!

RDR2 sharpshooter 11: kill 20 enemies in the same Dead Eye session from a Maxim gun mounted on a grizzly bear.

With the way mRNA vaccines work, I can imagine a future where vaccines are printed just-in-time at your local pharmacy using the exact cocktail of strains relevant for your locality.

I just really hope we figure out supply chain security by then.

Пурфин-джус и его деревянные кантаты.

Всем моим российским друзьям мужества и стойкости, но также не забывайте, что когда не дают голосовать руками, то можно голосовать и ногами. Иммигрировать в Канаду не так сложно -- требуется только время.


Если мы сейчас промолчим, наступит самое темное время для свободных людей. Россия погрузится в полный мрак. Мирная политическая деятельность в России станет невозможной.

Wikipedia entry for "Linux Kernel" in 2030: "the kernel is a thin hypervizor layer for the Linux Rust and BPF runtimes"

If you need a mailbox for patch-based development work, please consider fastmail before you consider gmail.

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